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This is the life-saving handbook of simple home remedies everyone should be aware of in light of COVID-19. Many people have died or are suffering long-term health challenges because they didn’t have this information.


Starting with the most impactful, this book takes readers step-by-step through an easy-to-read list of DIY remedies that should be ready to go in every home. Many of these immune-boosting strategies are the same ones that helped some sanitariums to keep mortality rates at just over 1% during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. This track record was especially remarkable considering that most general hospitals suffered mortality rates of closer to 30-40% during that tragic time.


This book is not about vaccinations, masks, supplements, social distancing, or quarantines. Rather, it focuses on the key strategies that, when implemented, will do much to build our personal immune systems. While there are no guarantees in this life, it is up to each of us to do all that we can to bolster our own defenses. In that way, we can be best prepared to fend off future viruses and pathogens that might come our way, bringing them to a speedy and powerful halt.


96 pagina's | Engelse taal | Paperback magazine

Pandemic Busters: A Prepper's Handbook

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